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Ether, G Etherons and Gravitation

  Here you can find our book Etherons are at the very base of the matter. In the past, I have often expressed my personal interest in the description of the ether. I showed it both in articles posted on this website or even written on the pages of the book I have just published. “Dossier 111-the real measures of the flat Earth” is now available and distributed by Lulu.com A disturbing movement in the[…]

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Curvatura della terra: calcoli con formule illustrative

  Curvatura. Sì. La curvatura della Terra è un argomento su cui è disponibile tutta una serie di calcoli: basta cercare un poco per trovare tutto quello che si vuole. Un gran numero di immagini, mostrano chiaramente che non v’è alcuna curvatura. E’ un argomento molto interessante per provare che la terra è una superficie piana. Curvatura 1) L’Osservatore si trova al livello del mare S è un arco ed è una distanza data sulla superficie della[…]

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flat sphere

A book : Dossier 111 – the real measures of the (flat) earth

  Here you can find our book   Dossier 111 – the real measures of the (flat) earth Finally, after a long research,  the promised book, “Dossier 111 – the real measures of the (flat) Earth”, is available. You can read it in the PDF format or in a paper copy, both distributed by Lulu.com. I know, you will probably ask me how this book differs from the dozens of other titles focused on the[…]

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Eclipses of the Moon on a flat earth

  click here to buy  Dossier 111-the real measures of the (flat) earth Eclipses on a flat earth Eclipses on a flat earth till now remained a mystery.  One of the most difficult phenomena to explain,  that are occurring regularly over the earth, are the moon phases and the eclipses. So let’s start. Astronomers always say that the moon and the earth are spinning around their axis in a perfectly synchronous movement.  As a consequence humankind[…]

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A disc and not a sphere: this is the moon 

Here you can find our book “Dossier 111-The real measures of the (flat) Earth”   The disc of the moon is behaving as a body moving inside an electromagnetic Moebius strip trajectory. This can certainly be an astonishing explanation of the movements of the moon. But let’s go deeper into our consideration of the flat Earth model. In this post, I will explore some different facet relative to the moon.  I will present a few[…]

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