Elastic longitudinal waves on the ether

In a past article of mine, I mentioned the fact that Tesla had discovered how to produce longitudinal electromagnetic waves. These are waves that behave like a sound wave, a mechanic wave that propagates in an elastic mean. In the case of electromagnetic waves, the mean is the ether. Ether, as you know, behaves like a solid, because it is able to transmit also transversal waves. This requires a shear modulus, which is the characteristic[…]

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How the ether acts on bodies over the flat earth

The mean engendering gravity can be searched in the ether. This is a powerful vortex pushing all planets, the same which engenders gravity. It produces a mighty force operative inside the whole flat earth cosmos. There’s a vortex prompting a circular motion which, in turn, generates a secondary vertical wind. Consequently, new questions arise.   How can this vortex act on planets, sun, and moon but, on the other hand, not on all bodies staying[…]

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The flat earth universe is not expanding

In  1929 an American astronomer, Edwin Hubble(1889-1953), announced that almost all galaxies seem to step far away. He posited that the universe is expanding and that galaxies are departing one from the other. Hubble could postulate this phenomenon after examining the redshift of the radiation emitted from the galaxies. The redshift is due to the Doppler Effect. According to this event, a light wave coming from a moving object, that is departing from the observer,[…]

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vortex analemma

A single vortex of ether over the flat Earth

Here you can find our book “Dossier 111-The real measures of the Flat Earth” Vortex of ether: this is the theme for today’s lecture.  After a long, absorbing research, I can now realize the ether is both responsible for gravity and for the motion of the celestial bodies. Gravity is a result of the extant vertical wind of ether while its vortex, which rotates over the earth around the North Pole center, is the force[…]

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michelson gale

Michelson-Gale: an experiment left unfinished

Michelson Morley’s experiment: the implications The Michelson Morley experiment of 1881 has enormous implications. After analyzing them, scientists could have perceived there is not a relative movement between the Earth and the ether. The aim of the experiment was to detect, by the use of an interferometer appositely conceived, a possible movement of the Earth with a speed of 30 km/s around the sun. The experiment failed, not because of the non-existence of the ether,[…]

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