Aronofsky, Japanese Go boards and the magic 216 digits number

Aronofsky is a Jewish film director and  PI, his first movie, was shot in November 1997.

Max Cohen, the main charachter of the film , is an excentric mathematician suffering from continuous head-haches  due to a prolongued eye-exposure  to the sun-light : “When I was a little child my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So, once, when I was six, I did.”

Just to keep in connection with the theme of this blog,  I’ll try to resume a central dialogue between Max Cohen and  Sol Robeson, his friend and old mentor. Sol-whose name means Sun- is searching to explain  the sense in the past people  in Japan they gave to the simple Go board he keeps on the table in the kitchen. Go is a wonderful, complex game, and Sol and Max sometimes play it, or  they just reason about its original philosophical meaning. Here is  a summary of their dialogue.

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