The paradox of gravity not respecting the energy conservation principle

Bernoulli’s theorem

A body orbiting around a planet is in equilibrium between two forces: the centrifugal force and the gravitational force

where Fc is the centrifugal force, Fg is the gravitational force, m1 is the mass of the orbiting body, m2 is the mass of the planet, v is the speed of the body while orbiting, r is the distance of the body from the center of the planet, G is the gravitational constant

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un map

111, 333, 666, and many other curious digits. What are Demlo numbers?

The Earth map used in the UN flag: 33 sectors

A grid, probabl
y representing parallels and meridians, divides the Earth in 33 sectors. Another special number is 11, 33 being a multiple of it. You probably wonder what  it means and what relation have these numbers with the Earth.

33 appears immediately as a particular number, being a palindrome. Moreover 3×3=9;  33×3=99… another palindromic digit I like is the number 12321. If you sum all digits, you’ll obtain 9 again. Read more

An explanation of Michelson Morley experiment

From Tesla, Maxwell, and many others we all have learned that light moves through a medium called ether.

A wave that requires a dense medium to propagate is called “elastic” or “mechanic”, because it moves through an elastic or mechanic medium.

I will, in the future, analyze some experiments scientists have performed on light: they all prove the Earth is not moving in the universe. To understand them you have to know something more about waves behavior. The experiments I want to consider are the following:

  • Michelson-Morley experiment;
  • Michelson-Gale experiment;
  • Sagnac experiment;
  • Airy experiment.

The major parts of them are light interference experiments. In this article I will consider The Michelson Morley experiment; I will explain it and we will see how the formulas behind this experiment can be explained in a very simple way when we consider the Earth being immovable.

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