Smoke columns, waterfalls and Coriolis

Surfing the net you often happen to notice images of smoke columns getting out from volcanos and raising up to great altitudes. This is a phenomenon  by many considered to be  a clear evidence  the Earth is not spinning. Many people could  get the same impression in relation with high waterfalls: the fact that water falls on a straight line and doesn’t bend would be a clear consequence of the Earth being stationary and not spinning around its axis.

Powerful images, aren’t they? But could these phenomena  show a clear evidences that the Earth is not spinning? Let’s make some consideration. Read more

Coriolis Effect proves the Earth is not moving.

What is Coriolis acceleration? This is a phisical phenomenon happening to an object moving in a rectilinear way on a rotating surface.

Look at the image: in the first picture the ball is moving  over a rectilinear line on a stationary platform. The ball doesn’t resent of any lateral acceleration. When the platform starts  rotating, the ball starts bending its trajectory and the result will prove to be a non rectilinear movement. This side acceleration is kown as Coriolis acceleration. It is an outstanding phenomenon that can be useful to prove that the Earth is not moving. Read more