vortex analemma

A single vortex of ether over the flat Earth

Here you can find our book “Dossier 111-The real measures of the Flat Earth” Vortex of ether: this is the theme for today’s lecture.  After a long, absorbing research, I can now realize the ether is both responsible for gravity and for the motion of the celestial bodies. Gravity is a result of the extant vertical wind of ether while its vortex, which rotates over the earth around the North Pole center, is the force[…]

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Radioluminescence from the sun

Here you can find our book “Dossier 111-The real measures of the Flat Earth” Radioluminescence is one of the astonishing possibilities when we consider the many different forms of luminescence. Cold fusion reactions in the sun are more than a real possibility. Deuterium atoms enter in the Holmium crystal lattice and fuse together producing, this way, helium, and energy. Neutrons produced by the nuclear reaction are absorbed by holmium, thanks to its powerful magnetic characteristics.[…]

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Cold fusion in the sun

In order to make me understand, I would like to remind my reader what I said in a past article about the sun. Please check http://earthmeasured.com/sun-flat-earth-cold-ranque-effect/ where I was stating that the inside of the sun is cold. The theorized 15 million degrees are just imagination. Due to the Ranque effect, the core of the sun is colder than its surface. As a consequence of such a difference in temperature, according to the side-reactions implicit[…]

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Spirals and the sun analemma

Spirals are on the basis of the sun movement. In my latest article, I have illustrated how an ether vortex could be detected in 1925 by the use of an interferometer. The speed of this vortex is comparable to the diurnal speed of the sun. Such a vortex can influence the speed of light that will not be perfectly the same in all directions all over the Earth. The difference is, however, so small that[…]

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vertical ether wind

A wind of ether causes gravity

 Here you can find our book Wind of ether.  We wonder if, over the earth,  an ether wind does really exist.  There are people explaining the failure of the Airy’s experiment on account of the presence of a wind of ether. Why? The reason is that this failure cannot be explained by the motion of the Earth, which is immovable. Accordingly, the Michelson Morley experiment failed to reveal a motion of ether on the Earth.[…]

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