Membranes inside our body can help understanding the flat earth dome

 Membranes operating in the human body

Membranes, that appear in nature to protect organisms from the external aggressions, can be useful to understand more about the dome.  Since we cannot go to the extremities of the earth and personally check the operations occurring inside the dome, we can only rely on reasoning. Certainly, we know the world we live inside is a fractal universe where the same principles are constantly repeated and confirmed.  So, we could resort to the old alchemic principle that recited “as above, so below”. This means that we can keep searching inside us, or in our near proximity, examples showing how the natural world operates to solve problems. What does nature perform in order to protect frail and delicate organisms from the exterior dangers? The cell membranes, the egg membranes, the eye membranes, the brain membranes or the ring membranes of a tree are complex entities that are in constant relation with the outside world and need safeguarding. In all these cases, the membranes are operating to isolate, by means of various coatings, the different operations of the living organisms. So let’s start considering the many layers that are protecting the human eye. Read more

Isotropy and Einstein’s Special Relativity

Isotropy and the growth rings of a tree

Isotropy is uniformity in all orientations. So, in this lecture, the reader will find a brief inquiry into an old alchemic principle. Our universe shows everywhere uniformity and auto-similarity. So it appears the same from any position. In order to explain this reality, Einstein elaborated and achieved his special relativity theory. Read more

Latitude, Longitude, the UN flag

Above: The UN Flag

Below: A geographical Earth image viewed above the North Pole

Latitude and longitude are the geographic coordinates that specify the position of a point on the Earth’s surface. In this post, you will find the reasons why each degree in the latitude on the earth and each degree of longitude at the Capricorn Tropic are reckoned to measure 111 kilometers. Moreover, I will add a deeper explanation into the meaning of the United Nations flag. Read more