The Dome over the Flat Earth – part 1 –

Finally, as you imagine, the theme of the dome needs a more in-depht investigation. Up to now, we haven’t faced the subject in a really significant way. But it would be good today to go into things a bit deeper.

The Dome in the Bible

ebrew dome

The dome is one of the strangest things you first meet when approaching the flat Earth topic. Probably you wonder if a solid vault, that encloses all the circle of the Earth, can truly exist or if it is only a theoretical derivation from the Bible. True, in the Bible the firmament, or the “expanse” between the waters, is a positive expression. In Genesis the creation of the Heavens is described this way:

Then God said: “Let there be an expanse between the waters, and let there be a division between the waters and the waters”. Then God went on to make the expanse and divided the waters beneath the expanse from the waters above the expanse. And it was so. God called the expanse Heaven.

Thus, according to the Bible, a vault, that makes a division between two kinds of waters,  is the entity which corresponds to the heaven. It should be a sort of solid, material dome,  with impermeable surfaces. But is the Bible description only a kind of general representation of the waters contained in the clouds before the flood? In  Genesis 7:11,  in connection to the flood, the Bible states: ”In that day all the springs of the vast watery deep burst open, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened”.  A sort of opening is here described, through which the waters fell down. Openings are necessary, of course, if a solid wall obstacles the passage of the waters. To confirm once more that the Bible truly refers to a solid dome, we can report a well-known statement from a book in the Scriptures. A friend  happened to ask Job: “Can you, with him, spread out the skies as solid as a metal mirror?” (Job 37:18).

The Atmosphere is here thanks to a Dome

atmsphere dome

Moreover, let’s consider additional facts and observations. The establishment states there is no dome but only the atmosphere, made up of gases that completely envelope the globe of Earth. The atmosphere has the pressure of 1 atm at the soil level and it diminishes with the altitude. Going up, the atmosphere gets stratified and you could find different mixtures of gases going lighter and rarefied.

Science states the atmosphere is kept connected to the Earth by the gravity force. This would be the power able to block its diffusion toward the void space of the universe and avoid its dispersion due to the rotation of the Earth. But what do the facts say?

Let’s suppose to have a container full of air at the pressure of 1 atm in a room in which void was already made. The container represents the atmosphere, the bottom of the recipient is the Earth, while the room is the void space of the universe. If you open the recipient from the ceiling what do you think will happen?

Immediately the gas will diffuse in the void room spreading in all the space available. Can gravity stop the diffusion of the gas? In no case. It is not possible.

What about the stratification of the atmosphere? Lighter gases rise in the upper part of the atmosphere. Let’s make a consideration. Imagine having a leak of methane from a pipe. If the leak happens to occur outdoor,  the gas will rise upward, diffusing in the superior layer of the atmosphere. But when the leak is occurring indoor, the methane will accumulate in the upper part of the room, near the ceiling. To have a stratification, thus, a ceiling is needed.

It is, in fact, well known to everybody the fact that stratification of gases is possible only in closed pipes or recipients.

So, to conclude, it seems that there should be a ceiling on the flat earth, first to avoid the diffusion of the atmosphere in the vacuum space of the universe and, second,  to allow the stratification that characterizes our atmosphere.  And, for now, bye, bye my reader.


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  1. Even if the flat earth theory is not true it is great to imagine such things. It feeds your imagination to think about different theories of how the world is. Also we can pretty much establish that groups like NASA lie to all of us. You can clearly see they show us a lot of CGI images. What is up with that?

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