A book : Dossier 111 – the real measures of the (flat) earth

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Dossier 111 – the real measures of the (flat) earth

Finally, after a long research,  the promised book, “Dossier 111 – the real measures of the (flat) Earth”, is available. You can read it in the PDF format or in a paper copy, both distributed by Lulu.com. I know, you will probably ask me how this book differs from the dozens of other titles focused on the flat Earth’s themes. I have personally read a number of books and I’ve got the impression they are all quite similar, almost as inspired by a sort of superior mind which coordinates the new ideology.

An independent and neutral book

Inside this book, on the contrary, you will find that each idea (either formula or calculation) is new. We have been searching and defining all details with just an aim.  Our purpose is to offer the reader a complete and thoroughgoing reorganization in all the fields of the geo-astronomy. An effort has been made to eliminate any influence from the exterior theories. There are so many creeds and beliefs, that are very popular on the internet or among the Facebook users… But, be careful.  I don’t want to bring them inside this book. However, I don’t mean to say all the internet stuff is wrong…So, my purpose is to avoid the risk of leaving the impression to stay under the spell of some unsuitable ideology. On the opposite, I would like to come off as an independent and neutral thinker.

A book for the general public

The book has a scientific format and contains a number of calculations. Nevertheless, it is intended as suited for the general reader as well as for the specialist or for the intellectual minds. In other words, it can be read by the largest majority of readers. All the topics have been studied, pondered and discussed many times. Some readers are probably already acquainted with the blog earthmeasured.com or have sometimes read the many comments concerning our posts on Facebook.

A long and difficult research

Various objections or thought-provoking reflections have forced us to a long and difficult work of analysis, often visiting and revisiting each idea and each information. The quantity of data and the amount of material examined is large. Up to now, the main subjects of the theme have never been considered under this same point of view. You will not find them in any other book available on the market.

Basic concepts of the book

Here you can find the basic concepts you will discover while reading my book:


A precise explanation of the Coriolis acceleration. It’s a force that should work in different ways on all the globe. Anyway, it is totally ineffective everywhere on the planet revealing the Earth is completely motionless;

Astronomic phenomena

An explanation of astronomic phenomena like the aberration of light and annual parallax. These are thought to be some fundamental pieces of evidence of the movement of the Earth. However, I will explain them as a consequence of the atmospheric refraction;

Mickelson-Morley experiment

A detailed explanation of the Mickelson – Morley experiment. It proves that the Earth is stationary and that there is an ether providing the mean through which the light moves;

Newton’s gravity

A complete analysis of Newton’s Gravity formula and a scientific explanation of its wrongness. You will consider the evidence that Newton’s gravity does not respect the principle of energy conservation;


A new revisiting of Eratosthenes’ experiment. That’s true, you can find the analysis of this experiment on many of the internet sites concerning the flat Earth. But, in this book, you will find some more in-depth consideration of perspective. I will, this way, confirm that the experiment is leaning on a wrong basis;


A practical example of calculation of the curvature of the Earth that shows that the Earth is flat;

Tools inside the book

A complete analysis, point by point, of all the mathematical tools needed for a complete understanding of the flat earth physics: the correct value of pi, fractals, Demlo numbers, the golden number and the magic squares;


An explanation of the ether and how it works: relativity and quantum physics will disappear with the reintroduction of the ether;

The Dome

There’s a chapter that considers the trajectories and measures of the sun and the moon. It also discusses the lunar eclipses mechanism. Moreover, it gives a description of the peculiar, characteristic elements forming the stars and the celestial vault. Up to now, no other book concerning the flat earth has ever tried to give such a  description of the dome. No other book is keeping into account a single one of the details we have considered in this work.

Now, being sure this is an unprecedented book, and unique in its kind, I wish you a good reading.

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