Dossier 111 – The real measures of the flat Earth

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 A children’s room. You can hear a soft melody from a music box. Ninepins and bowls scattered everywhere with colored wooden cubes on the floor. In the meanwhile, a plastic horse tries moving on its wheels toward a blonde little dancer. It is just a playing moment in Gaia’s babyhood. A  chubby, roly-poly hippopotamus is lying down in the mess.

 Suddenly you can hear a voice from outside: “Don’t you want to see the spinning top? It’s awesome, why don’t you come closer? Would you like to play with the top? Come on! Don’t be afraid: the top is simply spinning! Can’t you see? It is spinning!”.  As all the little toys gather together, the top falls down and the little horse is crying upset. “Oh, no. It’s broken now!”

“But don’t worry”. The charming little dancer immediately twirls nearby, to reassure him: “No, it’s not like this. We’ll make it spin again”. 

So, when beholding the top moving again, the hippopotamus appears absolutely ravished. He keeps on smiling. Then, in a real outburst of joy, he promises: “When I will grow up, I want to become a spinning top!” 

Immediately the curtain falls.

Surprises with disillusions

This is something that really happens in the course of Gaia’s life. In some puzzling way the hippo, one day, keeps on spinning around its tail and nobody dares to reply.

In this same way, the study of the Earth and its orderly cosmos can reserve great surprises, together with tragicomic disillusions. A few thoughtful scientists, in fact, acknowledge that the general understanding of the Earth is poor and approximate. Often the experimental results do not confirm the accepted theories, although these are strongly defended by the scientific community.

Blind eyes

So,  while introducing the hypothesis that the shape of the Earth and its measures do not match perfectly to the general assumptions, you are not doing a real revolution. You’re just opening the doors toward new scientific possibilities.

Too often, generally, people accept what the mainstream science has to say with blind eyes. And many of them feel dizzy in front of any new exploration. This passive blindness has produced confusion, wrong scientific theories, and enormous mistakes. With the consequent waste of time and resources.

Dossier 111

The new book, Dossier 111 – The Real Measures of the Flat Earth (edited by, has just one goal.  The book aims to consider, with mindful attention, what mainstream and countercurrent science, sometimes even unconsciously, have understood and perceived regarding the Earth. It will be a way of disassembling and then trying to reassemble the manifold gears of a complex motor. It is a motor that has many and many times been opened, dismantled and remade, but generally in complete secrecy.  I hope to express innovative ideas by presenting facts, calculations, and formulas that will prove that the earth is not a globe.

Conspiracy theories

The large majority of books on this topic are connected with the conspiracy theories. They deal with the voluntary hiding of the truth, performed by powerful lobbies. Many authors are often insisting on the fact that a fictitious reality has been propagandized to foolish people. Anyway, this is not a conspiracy theory book. Although it may be clear that there is a precise will of hiding the truth, it is not universally clear who is responsible. Political, economic and propaganda reasons are often not so explicit. Many organizations, generally thought to be the “absolute evil” (like Nasa, United Nations or Masonry), are only actors of a more complex comedy, difficult to describe with preconceived ideas.

Maths, geometry, and measures

You and I, and all of us can be aware of a superior will,  playing in the backstage and maneuvering behind the scenes. Anyway, this is not the main theme about which this book is especially concerned. My first goal is, on the contrary, the description of the geometry and measures of the Earth. The standards you will find in this dossier while describing the earth-system will probably appear to the average reader a bit strange, if not extravagant.

Anyway, I will explain everything on the basis of proofs and details.  The book is conceived to be divided into two main units. You will start pondering a first section, in which I intend to disassembly the global framework. The aim is to prove the Earth is flat and motionless and Newton’s gravity laws are old and outdated.

Then, in the second part, I’ll introduce the math tools necessary to understand our cosmological reality. You will certainly learn, in a simple way,  what are the physical and mathematical reasons that compel the curious learner to introduce the kind of unit measurement you will discover inside.

Reintroducing ether

The reader will find, as well, a chapter in which I’m reintroducing the concept of ether, the mean through which light moves. The ether, of course, is not be considered as part of the geometrical framework of the Earth but, for sure, as an important entity in the physical asset of the entire geo-building. Reintroducing it will contribute to the destroying of the 20th-century theory of relativity and quantum physics.

Ideas ahead of schedule

I’m sure that, by pondering this book conceptions, you will become more aware and able to understand the true nature of the physical reality we all are living within. However, I already know that some academic will comment adversely this writing, by saying that the main considerations inside are not well organized, unacceptable for the scientific community and both not peer-reviewed nor, maybe, reviewable.

A priori knowledge

These are probably the consequences of one of the methods the student has to follow when examining the cosmologic phenomena.  The a priori knowledge (also known as the methodology of the intuition) is often conceived independently of experience and is a deduction from pure reason. When studying the universe, some concept can be considered to be true when supported by strict logic and deep reasoning, which, for their natural inclination, are tending to the truth. More experimental proofs will certainly come later. This can sometimes happen when ideas are thoroughly new and ahead of schedule.

External to the establishment

Anyway, in this world,  the general scientific community is not always free to unveil what appears to be true or false, but rather what is politically or economically convenient. Science is, unfortunately, under the power of international lobbies that lead the research and its goals, that define its boundaries and the kind of job that has to be done.

Therefore, even though in the worldly establishment there are many earnest scientists and researchers, I can affirm that, sometimes, they don’t want to risk discredit and job loss. The author team of this book, Dossier 111 – The Real Measures of the Flat Earth, (edited by is, on the other hand, in the privileged position of being external to the establishment. When enjoying that position, you can dare to make hypotheses, calculations, and considerations entirely free, without the dramatic risk of ruining your career. For a beginning, there’s just one cost to afford.  Lack of acknowledgment is the price we voluntarily accept to pay.

 But we are glad, however, to be a little nearer to the truth.

The Earth Measured Team welcomes you. Bye.

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