Earth Measured team welcomes you

team members welcome you

We are starting an activity that we know will be difficult but thrilling. A lot of information we are just discovering about the true shape of the Earth will be immediately selected and at your disposal.

Granted, by visiting our blog, you will encounter something unexpected. You will certainly find many answers to a lot of your questions:

  • Which are the measures of the different sectors of the flat earth?
  • What is its shape in the underground?
  • Are there really waters above the firmament?
  • How were the magnetic and electric fields arranged?
  • How does the celestial vault over the earth move?
  • Which are the materials it is made of?
  • What are the stars made of?
  • What are the trajectories of the planets around the sun?
  • Where is the sun spinning?
  • What about its distance from the earth?
  • How big is it?
  • What is the moon made of?
  • Eclipses, why?

When you consider the earth and its whole system, all these are really intriguing enigmas to meditate on.  Many deep thinkers, in the course of history, have tried to elaborate the possible explanations for the same puzzles. We are trying to give a final form to the same reflexions.

What do we personally think? The more we get deeper into these subjects and the more we get aware of being totally ignorant of them. The power to hold a mirror in this debate and try to glimpse uncompromising truths is extraordinary but we are aware to have reached just the tip of the iceberg. And what a tip!

So, please share as much as possible this information and contact us if you need.

Thank you for supporting us.

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