Flat earth: a brief summary

The geomorphologic model has, by now, reached a more definite shape and the circle is closed. Although there is still, of course, a great deal to understand, it seems we were able to give a first rough description of the Earth on which we live. By writing this article, I’d like to make a brief summary of the considerations I have till now developed. Obviously, this is not a way to abandon the topic. I will just recap a bit.

An emerging model

The model of the Earth that is emerging is very different from the theories offered by official science. The mathematics behind the Earth follows a few precise rules that you have to know and use when you want to reach a description more and more precise. First of all, the number 111 can be used to describe a lot of phenomena related to the flat Earth.

The most interesting discovery

My aim was to give evidence of the fact the Earth is motionless and flat. Anyway, the most interesting discovery emerging till now was to find that there is an ether vortex over the Earth. Light moves in a mean called ether that fills the space. This luminiferous mean is made up of a very subtle matter formed by small particles called etherons. The ether is also on the basis of the formation of mass. It can act over masses with a force that becomes perceptible while engendering the gravity force.

How the etherons are set in  activity

A huge electrical potential comes to be applied to a volume of ether. A capacitor is acting over the space included between its plates. As a consequence, it will produce a non-uniform distribution of etherons in the space. This is at the origin of a movement: the etherons activity to reestablish the equilibrium. It will produce some antigravitational effect as it occurs in the lifter or in the discs of Thomas Thousand Brown.

The Michelson Gale experiment

The experiment of Michelson Gale proves light moves at different speeds at different latitudes. This is due to the vortex of ether that spins around the Earth axis at the North Pole. This vortex is responsible for the motion of the sun, moon, and planets. To maintain its angular momentum, the vortex has to increase its speed downward. The analemma of the sun is proof of this variation in speed. The sun, in fact, trapped in its magnetic rail, moves up and down increasing or decreasing its speed accordingly. This happens since the equation of time tells the sun doesn’t always move at the same constant speed during the year. It is due to the changing speed of the ether vortex with height.

The ether vortex

According to the Bernoulli law, while changing its speed by acquiring height, this vortex reaches different pressures and densities. It increases its pressure moving upward. To reestablish the equilibrium a vertical wind of ether raises and generates the gravity force. This vortex of ether is put in rotation by the dome, while it rotates. The dome is made of a semiconductor material. The rotation of this material inside the magnetic field of the Earth produces Eddy currents.  These, in turn,  produce an induced magnetic field. This induced and rotating field acts on the ether by putting it in the rotation again.

The rotation of the dome

The dome rotates due to the exterior waters of above that reverse over it. The dome itself is a big turbine. The waters move out of the abyss under the Earth’s mantle and are lifted up. They are put and maintained in the circuit by the ether vortex. This is the main factor which produces in its eye antigravitational effects. This is due to the charge separation in the ether. It is an effect similar to that happening in the eye of tornadoes. The waters filling the inside of the Earth are lifted up to the rotor of the dome. This way they can act over the turbine pales.

The origin of the magnetic field

This is how the magnetic field of the earth is formed.  Under the crust, there is the rock mantle. Below there is an enormous basin containing a huge quantity of salted water. The fact that waters inside the Earth are salted is important because water becomes conductive only if there are ions loosen in it. All this water is contained in a big basin made of magnetite. It provides the starting magnetic field necessary to produce the more powerful magnetic field of the Earth.

Waters are moved by the action of the sun and the moon. The sun creates a powerful magnetic field that interacts with the one of the Earth. I don’t intend just to speak of some gravitational action but of the magnetic effect exerted over conductive waters which are already affected by the magnetic field of the basin. Since the water is moving in a preexistent magnetic field, induced currents arise from which the final magnetic field of the Earth is created. This is due to an induction effect.

A coordinated movement of waters

The most interesting is the fact that surface tides move in coordination with the inner ones that are responsible for the magnetic field of the Earth. By observing the surface tides we have thus an idea of the movement of the inner waters. Surface tides move around neutral points or nodes called amphidromic points. These are points where waters always keep the same level during the day and tides do not affect them. Tides rotate with a frequency given by the passage of the moon around the amphidromic points.

The amphidromic points

What are the amphidromic points? It seems clear that the waters of the abyss move the same way and the magnetic field produced compels the surface waters to move accordingly. The waters of the abyss move around some rocky structures made to sustain the mantle. There are pillars around which waters are forced to move. One big pillar is positioned under the South Atlantic Ocean producing hence the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly.  Where pillars are, in fact, much water is missing and the magnetic field develops like a coil around the pillars.

The action of the sun and the moon

The magnetic field, in turn, produces the ether vortex. The vortex pushes the sun and the moon, and the sun and the moon participate to create the magnetic field. The Earth is full of closed self-sustaining cycles like this one. Think for instance of the water cycle everybody has learned at school.

By now, many details have been understood but many questions are still unanswered. I can just say we have achieved something of the first layer.

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