Gravity doesn’t exist. Some more consideration.

The one who has understood the Earth is flat does obviously understand that gravity force can’t exist either.

Let’s be clear: a vertical force that acts on all objects does exist but it doesn’t act necessarily downward and above all, it doesn’t follow the universal gravitation formula expressed by Newton.

There is only a vertical  force depending on density

Consider for example a balloon filled with helium. It will ascend even if it possesses weight. Consider also the clouds. They weight tons but are not pulled down. The force that pulls everything is often expressed with the relation F=m*g where F is the gravitational force, m is the mass of the object considered and g is the gravitational acceleration 9,81 m/s^2. This formula could be correct if you were living in the vacuum, but you are submerged in the atmosphere or, considering some other situation, phenomena develop in water or in some other fluid or gas. Always there is a medium. Thus, we have to consider the Archimedes force that acts upward, equal to the weight of the volume of medium that is moved by the object.

Archimedes law can be expressed:

where ρM is the density of the medium, V is the volume of the object submerged in that medium, g the acceleration 9,81m/s^2.

The gravitational force can be expressed by using the density of the considered object:

where ρ is the density of the material of the object.

The resulting force will be:

This relation highlights the role of density in connection to the vertical force that we call gravity. When the object is denser than the medium it goes down, when it is less dense it will go up.

Absolutely there is no attraction force between different masses. There is only a vertical and only vertical force that acts on all bodies and that depends on density.

On the other hand, the relation

can’t be considered correct. I have already written in a previous post that this law doesn’t respect the energy conservation principle. This law requires necessarily a globe earth to have an equal force everywhere on the Earth.

Gravity and chaos

The solar system and the universe described by this law, when considering a long period of time, as highlighted by many mathematics and physicists, is fated to move to chaos.

Mathematician Henry Poincarè discovered that some situations in the universe when considering a span of time long enough, lead necessarily to a chaotic motion.

I wander thus how could it be possible that a colossal initial Big Bang -an explosion that can only originate chaos- could generate our universe, while, on the contrary,  gravity  can generate that astonishing order we perceive  in the universe, able to make life possible on the earth, and, that, as a final result, that same universe will fall into chaos again after millions of years. Why has gravity been able to generate order only for a period, starting from chaos?

There is no attraction between bodies

Between all comments that I receive on the blog or on Facebook, there is one that periodically returns about gravity. Some people are positive saying that they can easily demonstrate the Newtonian gravity law is reliable on the basis of a simple experiment you can fulfill at home.

First, you need a basin with some water in it. If you put two objects floating on the water and leave them moving freely, after some time they will bond one to the other and stick to the border of the basin.

By the help of this picture, you can notice two clips sticking together and floating on the water. They can float on the top due to the surface tension of the liquid and because, probably, there is a slight oil film on them.




Is this phenomenon really due to gravity? Are the two objects attracting each other due to their mass?

No, this phenomenon is due to the surface tension of the water. The molecules of water attract one another with a force that consent to build the structure of the liquid. In the middle of the basin, a molecule is completely surrounded by other molecules. On the surface, a molecule is attracted only downward.

This situation gives origin to an energetic stress also called surface tension.

When we consider a portion of fluid on the surface, it has a greater energy than a portion of fluid in the middle of the basin. The principle of minimum energy is well known. Every system aims at a balance condition and it reaches its equilibrium in each situation demanding less energy.

In this situation, the ball number 3 is in the more stable position and in the condition of less energy.




To minimize the energy stress, a liquid always disposes itself in a geometrical configuration in order to reduce the surface. You can better grasp the idea by looking at the picture below showing a few mercury drops.

The geometry that minimizes the external surface is the sphere.

When you put an object in a water basin, for example, two floating rubber balls, they increase the surface of the fluid amplifying its energetic stress.

The system thus has to recreate a more stable balanced configuration. The geometrical configuration of objects slicked together is the one that minimizes the stress on the surface of the fluid so the system will move from an instable configuration to a more stable one.

This phenomenon is even more evident when the objects are deformable, for example, two air bubbles in the fluid. Two air bubbles submerged in the fluid present a bigger external surface than a single bubble with the same volume of the two considered bubbles. The surface tension will act to approach the two air bubbles and merge them together.

Thus, once again, we have to state that there is only one vertical force that depends on the density and we can’t call it gravity because it doesn’t depend on the mass but on density. When we consider different bodies we notice that, regardless of how big they are and what a big mass they have, they never attract one to the other.




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