Latitude, Longitude, the UN flag

Above: The UN Flag

Below: A geographical Earth image viewed above the North Pole

Latitude and longitude are the geographic coordinates that specify the position of a point on the Earth’s surface. In this post, you will find the reasons why each degree in the latitude on the earth and each degree of longitude at the Capricorn Tropic are reckoned to measure 111 kilometers. Moreover, I will add a deeper explanation into the meaning of the United Nations flag.

So, longitude, on a perfect sphere, as well as latitude has an extension of 111 kilometers for each of its 360 degrees but I don’t think everybody knows what is the geometrical reasoning to follow in order to explain why. This will prove to be a somewhat lateral way of thinking.

A brief foreword about this scientific inquiry

Up to now, nobody could explain in an incontrovertible way things like the universe, the dome, the stars, matter, antimatter, time and so on. As a consequence, inside this blog, there are many parts where I try making some hypothesis that, for now, cannot yet be considered as rigorous and scientifically based.

From my part, about many essential topics, I have elaborated intuitions that are intended to give an answer to many of the questions people sometimes ask. These explanations are partly scientific and partly not yet. But I’m sure that in the future rigorous answers will emerge. So, please, allow me to continue this somewhat amazing investigation.

The physical dimensions of the dome

Anyway, by now, I would like to add some more notation about the physical and numerical dimension of the dome. How can it be reckoned? The radius reaching the external lining of the dome should be divided into different equal spaces. This can be done according to the original meaning of the Greek word στοιχεια,  already explained in the post you can find linked below. We can consider the radius of the cone of the sun, 6660km, as a unit for the layout of the dome. So, we divide the radius of the circle of the earth, 26640km, and obtain four different segments measuring each 6660km. Only at this point, 26640 kilometers far from the geographical north pole, we can say we have reached the dome. There is the starting point of the real internal lining of the dome, 6660km thick. That is what was known by the ancient astronomers as the Primum Mobile, about which I’ve written in my last article, Primum Mobile and Empyrean 22/09/2017.

The rings inside the shield of the United Nations.

Here I would like to spend a few more words about the logo of the United Nations. First of all, you will notice the fact that the shield has been divided into five rings, the same way exactly we can imagine to be the architectural layer division of the dome. Thus, the space sectors inside the total radius, starting from the geographical north pole, will result to be:

  • 6660km, up to the tropic of Capricorn.
  • 13320km, up to the tropic of Cancer.
  • 19980km, the earth radius up to the Antarctic.
  • 26640km, up to the inner lining of the wall of the Dome, made of glass.
  • 33300km, the complete radius of the Dome, up to the exterior lining of the first mobile.


Coming back to the UN flag, you can notice the presence of the two laurel branches all around the shield, somewhat like a sixth ring around the first mobile. It should be a space filled with electricity, immaterial, the place of lightning.

So, when you consider the extension of the dome on the earth, you should understand it reaches a diameter of 66.600Km, getting out of the walls of the earth platform of 6300km. See the article published on this blog the 7/04/2017  The wall on the cubic flat Earth

Please notice that it rotates at the astonishing speed of 8325km/h!!! That should be a sort of free movement, I mean, a movement starting in the void. So I would like to search for you, my reader, an answer to the previously suggested question: how can the layers of the dome move and win the friction that generates from the sliding movement of two differently working layers? Some powerful magnetic, anti-gravitic force should emanate from the immaterial void to nurture the dome rotation… To understand something about this sort of movement, let’s think of new-generation transport systems like Hyperloop, Vactrain (a neologism for vacuum train) or MagLev for instance.

Longitude and Latitude

Now, let’s reckon a bit about some other point. The extension in degrees for each parallel on the earth is calculated to be 111km. How can this number be obtained? Please follow this reasoning.


That is the extension of the circumference of the earth at the Tropic of Capricorn. We consider, of course, that Pi equals 3 as I have already explained in a previous post. Let’s remember that the year in the Bible is reckoned to be 360 days.


That is the extension in kilometers for each degree in the latitude of the earth. But, of course, average people consider the earth as a ball. Now, in this reasoning, I’d like to follow my way. So, I don’t want to take into consideration the fact that the earth is not thought to be a perfect sphere. Following this line, each degree in longitude should, as well, have the same extension. A degree in latitude or in longitude should have the same extension, 111 kilometers. So each of the meridians that split the Capricorn Tropic into 360 equal parts has a measure of 111 kilometers. This sort of reasoning makes me believe that people designing the flag of the United Nations were deep in the knowledge of the real layout of our earth. It is also the sort of rigorous reasoning proving we are going the right direction.

The growing extension of meridians

Now let’s consider the growing of each meridian of the earth as you move away from the Northern center.

1)  111km, the extension of one degree of longitude at the Capricorn Tropic.

2)  222km, the extension of one degree of longitude at the Tropic of Cancer.

3)  333km, the extension of one degree of longitude at the Antarctic.

4)  444km,  the extension of one degree of longitude at the interior lining of the wall of the

First   Mobile.

5)  555km,  the extension of one degree of longitude at the exterior lining of the wall of the

First Mobile.

 A join point between six and five

This last result, that is to say, the 555 kilometers of the extension of one degree of longitude at the exterior lining of the wall of the first mobile, could be considered as a joint point between two digits, 66600 and 555. Why?


That result corresponds to the measure in kilometers of the circumference of the exterior and furthermost lining of the dome.


That result equals 5 times the measure of the flat earth circumference diameter.

So, please, notice that the circumference of the external lining of the wall of the moving dome is five times the earth diameter


That result corresponds to the circumference of the inner lining of the wall of the primum mobile.

Now let’s keep on in the same line of reasoning.

159.800:39960= 4 times the earth diameter

19980×6 =119880km circumference of the earth at the Antarctic.

119880:39960=3 times the earth diameter.


The result corresponds to the circumference of the earth at the tropic of Capricorn

79920:39960=2 times the earth diameter.


That corresponds to 1 time the earth diameter.

It means that at the tropic of cancer the tropic circumference equals the earth diameter.

Some analogy between the layers of the earth and the atom energy levels.

 To conclude, I would like to compare the layout of the flat earth circle to the layout of the different energy levels inside the single atoms. Please, look at the picture below. You can notice a similar frame that repeats in all the universe, from the biggest to the smallest elements or στοιχεια.

Picture of De Broglie’s  five energy levels of a Hydrogen atom. You could perceive the analogy with the rings inside the atom and the rings representing the different layers found in the architectural layout of the earth.

Now, let’s go back to the United Nation’s flag. Besides the rings, the flag is divided into 8 sectors. Why? This will be one of the interrogatives to be considered inside my new post, another week. So, bye, bye my reader. See you later and thank you.

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