From the Nazi to NASA to the Moon

Few figures in the history of technology are more controversial than Wernher von Braun, the card-carrying Nazi scientist who built, by the exploitation of thousands of slave laborers from concentration camps, the world’s first ballistic missile. Working for NASA he became a leader in the American space program, building the rocket that carried Apollo 11 up to the moon.

V2 rocket

All begun in the Nazi Germany with the young twenty-year Wernher Von Braun and his researches in the rockets field. He was the son of Magnus Von Braun, German aristocrat and former agricultural minister during the Weimar Republic and of Emmy Von Quistorp, a descendant of a noble family with noble ancestors such Philip III of France, Robert III of Scotland, Valdemar I of Denmark, Eduard III of England.

At the French Gymnasium, he had been an ordinary level student with some special interests in astronomy. Later, as stated by NASA, he managed to distinguish himself as one of the most relevant scientists of all the times specializing in the field of the weapon military industry and space travels.

Von Braun, having been first noticed for his rocket researches,  entered the German army and Nazi military organization in 1932, aged 20, with a team that was working for him. In 1936 they began to design a rocket to be used as a war weapon against the enemies. The first operative rocket took the flight in March 1942 and run 1,5 kilometers before falling down. The second rocket went up to the height of 11 kilometers after which it exploded. The third launch arrived up to 193 km with a height of 80 km. This rocket was called V2 and was considered one of Von Braun’s best success. V was for Vergeltungswaffe that means retaliation.

V2, the German Nazi rocket, means Vergeltungswaffe2, but also we can notice that V is the 22th letter of the English alphabet.

So V2 can also be read as 222. We have already spoken about the fact that 111 amd multyples are numbers that describe the Earth. Again thus a reference to the Earth hidden in plain sight.

The V-2s that were launched against London towards the end of the war weren’t built at Peenemunde. These rockets were built in underground factories at Mittelwerk, where construction was done by prisoners from the nearby concentration camp. Over 60,000 prisoners lived, worked, and died in the damp underground tunnels at Mittelwerk. Some succumbed to disease and malnutrition. Some were worked to death. Others were hanged publicly in group executions. The death rate rose so high that crematoriums became a necessity.

 First picture of Earth from space taken from a V2 rocket

Freeman Dyson wrote: “… those of us who were seriously engaged in the war were very grateful to Wernher von Braun. We knew that each V-2 cost as much to produce as a high-performance fighter airplane. We knew that German forces on the fighting fronts were in desperate need of airplanes and that the V-2 rockets were doing us no military damage. From our point of view, the V-2 program was almost as good as if Hitler had adopted a policy of unilateral disarmament.”

The German V-weapons (V-1 and V-2) cost the equivalent of around USD $40 billion (2015 dollars), which was 50 per cent more than the Manhattan Project that produced the atomic bomb. 6,048 V-2s were built, at a cost of approximately 100,000 Reichsmarks (GB£2,370,000 (2011)) each; 3,225 were launched. More people died manufacturing the V-2 than were killed by its deployment.

Thus, since the war was almost winding down, V2 rockets could in no way change results and, when  Americans, Soviets, and British entered into Germany, they scrambled to get their hands on V2 technology.

One of the most important new technologies developed for the V2 was an automatic guidance system, which operated independently of controllers on the ground. With the destination “programmed” into the onboard analog computer, once a rocket was in flight, its gyroscopes could continuously track the craft’s position in three dimensions. Any deviations in course and rudders fitted to the fins on the side of the rocket would automatically adjust the heading and trajectory to keep it on target.

“Both the Americans and Soviets took the V2s to bits to decipher their workings,” says Millard. “The Soviets completely recreated a V2 and the Americans took them over to America to launch and carry out some of the first upper atmosphere experiments.”However, the US knew that it wasn’t the hardware that was as important as the men behind it. And they had Von Braun.

With no desire to work for Stalin, Von Braun made a shrewd decision to surrender to the Americans, while the Russians got their hands on the V2 factory and test range. So, with the end of the war, Von Braun and his team delivered themselves to the Americans, that with the operation Paperclip, recruited a lot of German technicians starting thus their space program. Although his military task had been to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles, the German engineer now had the opportunity to pursue his dreams of spaceflight.

From Nasa to the moon through Van Hallen Belts

In 1958 Nasa was founded and Von Braun was chosen as the main administrator.

In the same year USA, with the rocket Jupiter C, sent a satellite into orbit. The same had been made sometime before in Russia with  Sputnik.

Note about satellites.Satellites can follow polar orbits or be geostationary. Both categories are fake. Satellites with polar orbits are said to pass over the earth polar regions from north to south moving on altitudes of more than 200km and must keep a very high speed to win the gravity force. Geostationary satellites orbit at the same speed of the Earth rotation on its axis remaining thus always on the same point over the Earth. To maintain this speed these satellites must orbit at a distance of 36000km from the Earth. From such a distance they could capture pictures of a large part of the Earth; however when you check Google „Earth seen from geostationary satellite” you can find only computerized graphic images. Why?

So it is easy to draw a direct line between the V2 rocket – built by slave workers and launched from Nazi-occupied Europe – and the first American in space. The above notations, of course, paint a dreary picture of Von Braun. “Why couldn’t NASA have taken the high road and focused on its own rocket scientists? Werner Von Braun should have been put in prison and sentenced to death as a war criminal, not made a director of NASA”.

Wernher von Braun: History’s most controversial figure?

Pivotal to the history of spaceflight, von Braun’s Nazi past makes him incredibly difficult to talk about.

 Anyway, on the 21st of July  1969, Neil Armstrong came out of the lunar module and set foot onto the moon surface,  the first man in the history.

The date was important and had not been randomly chosen. As  I have highlighted when talking about the moon and sun and their magic squares , the sun is described by   6 and the moon by  9 so that 69 is a number linked to their everlasting rotation. Here I’m willing to play a bit and examinate a few secret meanings linked to dates and numbers. Paying much attention to the date of the lunar landing we should be aware that- when thinking to the 21st of July -we could play with numbers and write: 21/7  = 3. So the date69 could be written as 369 that is the constant of the magic square of the moon.

The rocket that worked as  a vector for the astronauts taking them up till the moon was the Saturn V, the mission was named Apollo 11; moreover, the importance of the number 11, repeated 6 times in the magic square of the sun in the form 111 is by now well known to the reader. Apollo obviously is the god of the Sun.

From the repository available on GitHub you can discover many more amenities, some of them even amusing, about 666 and references to the famous “burn, baby, burn”, a song  quite popular in those years.

Ever since the human race developed language, we’ve used codes and ciphers to obscure our messages. The Greeks and Egyptians used codes to transfer private communications, forming the foundation of modern way of communicate in code. In order to understand the real symbolic meaning behind names and numbers you have to pay attention to any slightest hint. Maybe you will be able to succeed in detecting even important details.

For instance, in 1969 there were two solar annular eclipses, one on the 18th of March  and one fifty days after the moon landing, on the eleven of September. These were certainly well known events and , for some mysterious reasons, full of significance. One of them took place precisely on the 11. 9. 1969, a date whose digits can sadly recall of the tragedy of another  September the eleventh,  when in 2001 the 110-story Twin Towers, WTC1,(the North Tower surmounted by an aerial 110 meters high) and WTC2, the South Tower, at the World Trade Center  were hit and collapsed. (It was at 8:19AM that a flight attendant on American Airlines Flight 11 first advised the airline that a hijacking was taking place on one of their planes.  Less than half an hour later, at 8:46:40, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.  The entire crew made up of 11 members, all eighty-one passengers and an unknown number of people inside the building were killed instantly.)

Some dates and numbers  could show that the Apollo missions had been planned on special days whose numbers  had  a strong symbolical, nearly prophetical value as to celebrate events of astronomic or astrologic relevance. People build symbols to give meaning and express themselves, and these expressions reflect their culture. These symbols make a statement and evoke potent emotions. For something to be accepted as a symbol, it must translate the visions and goals of the people that surround it. The World Trade Towers and the Pentagon did just that .Space missions the same.

Here I want to underline the point that space flights, including the one that led to the moon, are technically impossible, the first reason being that the earth is not a globe. The lunar mission has been staged for many reasons, the main one being to perpetrate the hoax of the globe Earth. Hence there is not science nor technology behind these missions, but a lot of lies mixed up with symbolisms based on astrologic matters.

It is not difficult to find all the desired scientific information in the net (give also a look to this site starting  from the first post) proving the impossibility of performing space flights in the measure and direction we were made to believe. Among these reasons we should consider the presence of a firmament, probably solid, that wouldn’t allow the passage of any spaceship. You should also consider the magnetic field generated by the interaction between moon, sun and earth known as Van Hallen belts. This magnetic field that can be active from only 200km height above the earth seems to be able to prevent the passage of any living being or any electronic device.

It’s quite interesting to notice that Nasa has been founded on 29/7/1958: 11years, 11month, 22 days before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. A very short period to reach such a success. Just 26 years after  the first experiments with V2 Apollo 11 could  land safely on the surface of the moon. Economical efforts had been really gigantic, but how did they deal with Van Hallen Belts? Why on earth  are we still struggling with this problem while in 1969 NASA had already brilliantly succeeded in its solution?

Von Braun worked a lot to promote his dreams of a future world in wich rockets could be used as an easy and versatile mean for space exploration. He proposed himself to promote as much as possible his ideas and he had a pretty good success. On 14th of may 1950 the article „Doctor Von Braun says that rocket flight possible to Moon” was the beginning of his efforts in this direction. On March 22, 1952, von Braun introduced the American public to his vision of space exploration in the pages of Collier’s Magazine. In a series of articles published over two years, he described how men would live and work in huge doughnut-shaped orbital space stations before setting off on missions to the Moon. He imagined spacecraft launching and gliding back to Earth daily. And he described, in detail, the rockets he would build to launch such missions. To make such  statements in those years was a great risk and implied a great responsability. Only in 1958 in fact Van Hallen Belts were discovered but NASA didn’t pay much attention, it was not their prior difficulty! In less then 11 years  Nasa  had already solved the problem and  landed successfully onto the moon.  Von Braun  had really been very lucky in his predictions and we should  congratulate!

For many verses Von Braun appears to be a sort of prophet and a priest of the space, the one able to foretell with absolute precision the future achievements in the space exploration.

For example, about his statements that space exploration needs versatile rockets, think to the shuttle. Its succes is due to the fact that it can reenter the atmosphere and be used again after a mission. Or think to the Space-x that is a rocket vector with the ability to reenter after a mission and land again on the Earth vertically avoiding thus wings and saving weight.

In 1952 Von Braun published his idea about the design and managing of an orbiting space station. Also in this case his prophetic abilities were revealed. The Russian orbiting space station was launched only in 1986, while the international space station ISS was put in orbit in 1998.

1950 – Von Braun promise”man will go to the moon”

1958-Van Hallen Belt discovered.

1969-Apollo 11 proves to be a successful mission.     How could they manage to solve such a big impasse?

„The Mars project” is another Von Braun work in wich he tries suggestions about the technology necessary for a mission to Mars. The Mars exploration begun in  the 60ies and never stopped. Many pojects have been made with the purpose to send humans to Mars.

Really thus Von Braun traced a path for Nasa that in the years has been followed by a lot of different space agencies in different parts of the world.

Nasa can thus be described as a sort of religion that congregates peoples from everywhere in the name of science, Von Braun being the chief priest. The deception is coming to its end.

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