rotation speed

About Coriolis again

By writing this article I want to give some more accurate calculation of the Coriolis acceleration on the Globe. I would like to prove, this way, that you cannot detect Coriolis on Earth because the planet is not spinning. I want to check an affirmation I made time ago. It’s about an airplane taking off from the north pole and from there flying toward the equator in an exclusively south direction. While keeping its speed[…]

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waters flat earth

Waters in the cosmic earthly space

So, waters were the first element of the earthly creation. Anyway, when considering cosmogony within the Bible, people sometimes get confused. It’s not so easy to get an immediately clear understanding. You need to have a thorough comprehension of the Scriptures to get a complete image of the cosmic structure you are living inside. By reading this article, my dear reader, you will find a comprehensive explanation of facts relative to the earth morphology on[…]

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The azimuthal equidistant projection

Greeks were the first to describe the Earth as a globe. Their philosophers started by imagining the sun in the center of the universe. They used the globe as a symbol of the whole cosmos. Since then, kings were represented with the globe in their hands to show their power. The globe was visible together with statues and pictures, an example of which is the Atlante Farnese preserved in Naples. This is a statue out[…]

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When the Earth stopped spinning …

There are many people who, while asserting they trust in the Bible, they don’t accept the way the Bible describes the earth as being fix and the sun being in motion. The sun’s movement When considering the sun, the Bible always gives a description of movement. Psalm 19:4-6 “He has set a tent for the sun, and it is like a bridegroom when coming out of his nuptial chamber; it exults as a mighty man[…]

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The cycle of the upper waters

Waters are the primary element constituting our cosmos. Besides, we have already introduced, and consequently, we already know of the vortex of ether that is moving the sun and, this way, generates gravity. We were able to reach the conclusion that such a vortex does exist thanks to the Michelson Gale experiment. This proved that the speed of light is different at different latitudes. A vortex of ether has different speeds as it departs from[…]

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