How to model your Earth with Google Sketchup

Sketchup is a 3D CAD software by Google. Many people do not consider it as a professional CAD but it has some good characteristics:

–It is free: you can easily download it from;

–It is simple to use and it enjoys of an excellent support on Internet with many tutorial videos;

–It doesn’t require a workstation but you can reach satisfactory results even without having dedicated graphic board installed on your PC.

When focusing the Earth, the sun, the dome… we’ll have to take into consideration the Universe geometry and its dimensions. By the help of a 3d model, set in the correct scale, and possibly an animation, we shall be able to have a better idea of this complex subject.

It would be great to have communication and interchange on the base of 3d components and keep in touch with many people able to use the CAD: sketchup allows an easy communication.

So let’s start with our model.

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The myth of Europa and Zeus, or the marriage of the Earth and the Sky

Daedalus, ut fama est, fugiens Minoia regna,….posuitque immania templa….hic crudelis  amor tauri suppostaque furto Pasiphae, mixtumque genus prolesque biformis Minotaurus  inest.

Daedalus,  so the story goes,  flying the Cretan shore….built this boundless temple… here is the cruel bull’s love and the abduction of Pasiphae,…and the double  hybrid nature of the Minotaurus…                              

From Aeneid, Book 6th

In my first issue in this blog, inside the article “Temple and Time”, I  mentioned the sixth book of Aeneid and made some allusion to the temple of Apollos, built by the famous inventor Dedalus. Here Aeneas spends some time admiring the doors of the temple where various mythological scenes are depicted. There are images about Androgeos’s death, the Athenians, Cecrops descendants , commanded to pay annual tribute of seven of their  youths , the Euboean shores and Pasiphae’s love and the Minotaur, the urn where the lots are kept and the Labyrint. There should have been also a representation of Icarus , but sorrow prevented Dedalus to give shape to his son’s death.Vergil tells us that Dedalus twice tried to fashion a depiction of his death in gold , but both times was overcome by emotion.  Soon after  this  moment of  contemplation ,  Aeneas prays the Sybil to be allowed to visit his father in the underworld.

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An explanation of Michelson Morley experiment

From Tesla, Maxwell, and many others we all have learned that light moves through a medium called ether.

A wave that requires a dense medium to propagate is called “elastic” or “mechanic”, because it moves through an elastic or mechanic medium.

I will, in the future, analyze some experiments scientists have performed on light: they all prove the Earth is not moving in the universe. To understand them you have to know something more about waves behavior. The experiments I want to consider are the following:

  • Michelson-Morley experiment;
  • Michelson-Gale experiment;
  • Sagnac experiment;
  • Airy experiment.

The major parts of them are light interference experiments. In this article I will consider The Michelson Morley experiment; I will explain it and we will see how the formulas behind this experiment can be explained in a very simple way when we consider the Earth being immovable.

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Aronofsky, Japanese Go boards and the magic 216 digits number

Aronofsky is a Jewish film director and  PI, his first movie, was shot in November 1997.

Max Cohen, the main charachter of the film , is an excentric mathematician suffering from continuous head-haches  due to a prolongued eye-exposure  to the sun-light : “When I was a little child my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So, once, when I was six, I did.”

Just to keep in connection with the theme of this blog,  I’ll try to resume a central dialogue between Max Cohen and  Sol Robeson, his friend and old mentor. Sol-whose name means Sun- is searching to explain  the sense in the past people  in Japan they gave to the simple Go board he keeps on the table in the kitchen. Go is a wonderful, complex game, and Sol and Max sometimes play it, or  they just reason about its original philosophical meaning. Here is  a summary of their dialogue.

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A theory on planets

Planets longitude changes continuously in respect of the fixed stars (the dome). They have their own motion on the celestial sphere. Currently a double reason is given for this particular motion: first planets move around the sun on an almost circular trajectory (according to Kepler laws) and, second , the Earth moves around the sun and thus the visual direction Earth-planet that projects the planet on the celestial sphere is continually changing.

What should be the different consequences when considering a fixed and central Earth?

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