The seven pillars and foundations outside our earthly ponds

True wisdom has built its house ; it has hewn out its seven pillars. Proverbs 9:1

 Where did you happen to be when I founded the earth? Who set its measurements, in case you know and who stretched out upon it the measuring line? Into  what have its socket pedestals been sunk down and who laid its cornerstone? Job 38:4-6

 If the heavens up above could be measured and the foundations of the earth below could be searched out… Jeremy 31:35-37

This post  is a continuation of the previous article EZEKIEL’S CHARIOT : A SURPRISING VISION OF OUR FOUR EARTHLY PONDS.

Measures of the Earth

In the Scriptures numbers and measures are always important. When God gives command about the building of the tabernacle or of the temple, measures are given in the detail.

In many passages the Bible, when describing our cosmos, pictures it as having definite measures.  Referring to the heavens  and  to the tent of the sun, for instance,  Psalm 19 reads:  “Into all the earth their measuring line has gone out , and to the extremity of the productive land their utterances”. Of course earthly  man cannot comprehend or measure everything in the universe but some basic elements of the earth or of the heavens  can  be imagined  and  the foundations of the earth roughly sketched starting from…

… the whirling  hexagons circumscribing the 4 ponds…

 Try to focus  our earthly pond as a circle having  a radius 180×111 in latitude, i.e. 19980km, and then try to imagine a crown of circumference drawn all around it, having a radius 240×111 in latitude, i.e. 26640km, and, finally, suppose  an imaginary hexagon circumscribing the circle. The sides and apothems of the hexagon will be 26640km long. What elements could t
he crown just pictured be made of ? Iron and similar metals,  stones, rocks,  different kinds of minerals  or what else?  Suppose this iron crown  (6660km wide, that is 1/4 of the total radius of the pond), an hemispheric thick cap fixed all around  each pond, as an important part of our  earthly foundations . It has to be considered  something like a cup containing the pond and preventing it from  dissolution. Earth is for its 70% made up of water and water, to maintain its levels, needs to be contained in a solid basin.



…the borders all around the platform…

In the same way  each pond has been provided of  a solid protection all around it ,  the whole platform would require a heavy  border for safety and containment. The measures, considering the sort of geometry implied, could be the following:

166500+6660+6660=179820km (major side)

99900+6660+6660=113220km (minor side)

…and about a  wide imaginary lozenge…

Now let’s imagine to draw a lozenge having its four vertexes in the four central north poles of the  four earthly ponds. You’ll obtain a diamond having four sides measuring 70,009 km each, that is quite a singular number….

…and seven  (hexagonal) hollow  pillars…

So let’s imagine in each pond a central hollow pillar having a radius of 4.5km and all around the circumference crown,  at an appropriate position ,(i.e. at a point where the line uniting the opposite vertexes intersects  somewhere the crown) , six different hollow pillars each with a radius of 4.5km. Let’s imagine these to be the  seven  hollow pillars of the above quoted passage in Proverbs 9:1. As I can imagine, you would like to know  more about the function  of these hewn  pillars hidden in the center and all around the circles  of the earth, but … only imagination can help you…  Possibly, these pillars could be at the origin of  many meteorological phenomena such as  storms, winds ,  whirls, vortexes, tornados , etc… They could also be imagined as a sort of hollow tunnels  allowing , through a hidden system of pipes , down in the deep belly of the earth,  gases and similar products to distribute, melt or be absorbed… and let your imagination  run wild…

So, let’s come back to the platform and consider its simple geometry:  its central lozenge with sides 70000km long  ending at each vertex with  its  hollow pillar, radius  4.5km.

…fascinating  geometry and arithmetic…

Evidently the earthly platform has very fascinating and curious  arithmetic and geometry. Numbers in connection with the earth  are widely  special. Something  I find really noteworthy is their “esthetic” side. They are  to a considerable extent  Harshad numbers, the “Joy Givers” , numbers that were discovered and studied by an Indian mathematician, D. R. Kaprekar, a  teacher who enjoyed  recreational maths that is to say the mathematics of  enigmas, puzzles, magic squares,  and entertainment.

In recreational mathematics a Harshard number or Niven number in a given number base, is an integer that is divisible by the sum of its digits when written in that base. An example is the number 144 that  is a Harshad number because the sum of the digits 1,4,4 is 9 and 144  is divisible by 9.  A negative example could be 99 that is not a Harshad number since 9+9=18 and 99 is not divisible by 18.

 …numbers of the Great Joy…

So let’s consider some of the numbers of the measures  of the platform of the earth we have calculated up to now:

6660 is a number always returning, it’s also a number connected with the sun, the radius of the crown circumference , the inner distance between the two  nearer hexagons, the measure of the borders on the minor and major sides of the platform, etc. etc. ( see also my article about the height of the sun and its orbit ….)

19980 the radius of each pond

26640 the side of an hexagon circumscribing each earthly pond ,

99990 the measure of the minor side of the earthly platform,

166500 the measure  of the major side of the same platform,

179820 the measures of the major side of the platform and its borders

113220 the measures of the minor side of the platform and its borders

70000 the four sides of the imaginary lozenge that unites the hollow centers of the four ponds .

All  the numbers above are Harshad numbers or, according to the  meaning of the Indian name that their discoverer gave to them, numbers of the “Great Joy”, a definition that seems well fitting for the entity they represent, our marvelous  dwelling place.

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