The color of the Red Giants proves the earth is flat

Amber and stellar spectroscopy

Amber shows spectacular golden colors. So, today, we want first to focus on the color of the stars, which, according to Plank, Bolzman and Wien’s Laws is determined by their temperatures. Spectroscopy is the branch of physics studying the spectra of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by matter. The spectral analysis permits to know the chemical composition of the body that emits the radiation.

Stellar Spectroscopy is thus the study of the spectra of starlight. Astrophysics consider it a very powerful tool that enables them to infer many physical and chemical properties of stars and classify them into a logical sequence.

Star temperatures can be measured by looking at the type of light that the star shines. They are thus grouped into classes by color. In general, astronomers believe that a star’s temperature determines its color, from red to blue-white. They think the change in temperature of a body originates a variation in its light color. As far as the temperature decreases the color changes from shining white to red. Thus red stars should possess lower temperatures.

The hoax of the Red Giants temperature

Hence, how can they explain the huge luminous flow we get from many red stars? Academics try to answer by saying that the phenomenon is the consequence of the red stars enormous dimensions. So they call them Red Giants and explain red stars have a massive radiant surface. Even if each square meter of their surface develops less irradiation than the other ones, they appear many thousands time more bright, due to their extraordinary dimensions.

Here you can easily detect the hoax. Stars are not hot burning bodies. They just bear temperatures compatible with life. Otherwise, they’ll perish. They are not so far from us and their light is just not measurable according to the laws regulating the blackbody temperatures. They are not fiery, incandescent bodies.

Stars are not consistent with the black body temperatures

Astronomers say the sun’s temperature is about 5700K because it is an incandescent body. A black body is an ideal body whose light indicates its temperature. This should be valid when a body is actually an incandescent body. Astrophysics, however, overlook the fact that stars are not incandescent bodies. They consider the sun to be one of the stars, hence they think stars are behaving in the same way. Consequently, they classify stars among the black bodies. However, when a body is not an incandescent one, the light it emits is not consistent with the graphic of the temperature of a black body. Notwithstanding, the blackbody spectrum is used to determine the star temperatures even if stars are not incandescent bodies. But stars get their gorgeous light from living organisms and are not so far from us.

LEDs and fireflies emit cold light

For instance, LEDs emit light without getting hot. A firefly can emit light even being cold. So, how can we explain the different colors of the stars? Their color can only be due to the many different optical screens we see them through. For instance, in a sunny, bright day you can wear glasses with lenses of different colors and your sight of the landscape will change in tonality. Hence, we behold stars filtered behind many colored screens.

As a confirmation of the validity of this reasoning, a source says: “Blackbody is a body capable to absorb all the incoming electromagnetic radiation both in the visible and other spectral regions as UV and IR. It is then an abstraction. In the sense that it doesn’t exist, but exist some real bodies, like stars, quite similar to it. This concept is necessary on the basis of the relation between the spectrum of a black body and its temperature for Planck, Stefan Bolzman, and Wien Laws. If we can obtain its temperature on the basis of its spectrum, we can apply the same principle to the stars”.

Anyway, bioluminescence will never be consistent with the laws which govern the black bodies because it is not modulated by temperatures.

A glowing screen of amber

Ezekiel gives, in several chapters of the book he wrote, some interesting suggestions about the cosmic framework of the dome. He is the only biblical writer who refers to the electron, that means amber.

Ezekiel 1:4  In the middle of the fire glowed something like gleaming amber.

The various glow of amber is certainly manifest in the light colors of the stars. We can admire the beauty of the firmament through the filter of the amber screen which seals the interior walls of the mobile. Amber can assume different colors, from blue to red, from orange to yellow, from green to brown. Many of the particular effects stars present to the observer can even be due to the inclusions of different organisms such as ants, spiders, mosquitos or algae up to crocodiles, sirenians or turtles trapped since the beginning inside the fossil resin. Optic makes all the rest.

A detailed modulation of the architecture of the dome

So, let’s modulate the special architectural frame of the dome up to the details. We said the glassy stator has an extension of 6660km, and till now it was ok. But this is time for more precision. So we should consider a part of the stator extension as interstitial, a simple air cushion to support the movement of the mobile.

For safety reasons let’s imagine this sort of division. As the earth is built according to a strictly proportional geometry, we have to respect the law of the number 5. This is evident in all the other divisions. I’ll divide the 6660 dimension into five parts and leave three parts to the glassy section and two parts to the air one. Let’s start by supposing that the air cushion could have an extension of 2664km while the glassy part an extension of 3996 km. Obviously, you could imagine something different. Ok, but now let’s proceed this way. I tend to believe this is the correct proportion. 39980km is the radius of the earth and 26640 is another important dimension in the geo-building we live inside. It is also the distance of the  North Star from the earth. To recapitulate: the stator shows two different parts, one of glass and one of air.

What about the mobile? It’s an extension of 6660 km, as well, which we could modulate in the following way: 5550km  are arranged for the crystal moving cupola and  1110 km for the stars. Waters, of course, have to be sealed in an extremely safe manner. We have to apply here the same law: the law of the number 5. 1110 km will be divided this way: 444 km will be arranged for the screen of amber and 666km for the waters.

Some technical notes about amber

Hardness: 2-3 Mohs Scale, Density: 1,08,  Refraction Index: approx. 1.54, UV Fluorescence: 254 mm weak, yellow, white or blue, Double Refraction: none, Phosphorescence: rare, bluish. Amber becomes softer at about 150°C (300°F) and the melting temperature for amber is about 300oC (570°F).


To recapitulate we’ll  find inside the dome the  following extensions:

3996km of glass

2664km of empty space.

444km of amber

666km of waters

5550km of crystals

The same modules will be evident in the underground solid basin of the earth. You will find the following measures:

  • 3996 km iron/silicates solid basin
  • 2664 km empty space (in the Bible Job 26:7*)
    444 rocks (perovskite)
  • 666km Hydrocarbons
  • 5550 sandy gravels, stones, basaltic rocks, etc

*Job 26:7 He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing. New international version.

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