The pillars of the earth

As usual, we are going to explore some new facets in the secret building of the earth. Today I want to consider the mantle and we will arrive to understand that pillars to sustain it are needed. Till now I have discussed the liquid layer they name, in a globe reference system, external nucleus. In a flat Earth model, I guess this layer to be full of salted water. The internal nucleus is a solid[…]

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The Earth’s unreachable deepness

After an extensive search around the Earth and its celestial vault, the stars, the sun, and the moon, time is coming to inquire about the inner parts of the deepness we are living upon, the earth’s underground. I’ve delayed as much as possible to face this subject. It seemed to me rather hard to describe what we cannot see and measure. When I had to express about the dome or the sun, things were different.[…]

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