Flat earth: a brief summary

The geomorphologic model has, by now, reached a more definite shape and the circle is closed. Although there is still, of course, a great deal to understand, it seems we were able to give a first rough description of the Earth on which we live. By writing this article, I’d like to make a brief summary of the considerations I have till now developed. Obviously, this is not a way to abandon the topic. I[…]

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Waters at the origin of the magnetic field

Writing my last article – the one about the Earth’s deepness – I have just started a rather difficult mission. I’ll have to describe something I cannot see. Anyway, that’s true, seismography can partially help. This is a science describing the Earth as made up of many layers. Accordingly, there is a solid mantle, then the liquid external nucleus and a solid internal nucleus.  What about the magnetic earthly field? A dynamo effect due to[…]

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waters flat earth

Waters in the cosmic earthly space

So, waters were the first element of the earthly creation. Anyway, when considering cosmogony within the Bible, people sometimes get confused. It’s not so easy to get an immediately clear understanding. You need to have a thorough comprehension of the Scriptures to get a complete image of the cosmic structure you are living inside. By reading this article, my dear reader, you will find a comprehensive explanation of facts relative to the earth morphology on[…]

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The cycle of the upper waters

Waters are the primary element constituting our cosmos. Besides, we have already introduced, and consequently, we already know of the vortex of ether that is moving the sun and, this way, generates gravity. We were able to reach the conclusion that such a vortex does exist thanks to the Michelson Gale experiment. This proved that the speed of light is different at different latitudes. A vortex of ether has different speeds as it departs from[…]

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How the ether vortex is formed

There’s a vortex of ether that, rotating around the Earth, moves the sun, the moon and the planets. There is also a secondary vertical wind. It is the one constituting the gravity force. Such vortexes, however, do not  move the dome. This gets clear when you consider the speed of the dome and you compare it with the speed of the vortexes. The dome rotates faster than that speed, one degree per day, without considering[…]

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