A movement of waters

By writing this second article, I want to refine the pattern I gave to my starting hypothesis. I mean the magnetic field of the Earth generated by the subterranean waters.  I want to get further in the understanding of how the core of the earth engenders this magnetic field.

A central tube in a container

My starting model is a ferromagnetic tub keeping inside the waters and the whole Earth. This basin is a chamber with a huge central tube. It engenders the central magnetic column over the North Pole. This basin can only be magnetic. It should be made of magnetite, an iron oxide Fe3O4. Magnetite is present in large quantities over the Earth’s surface in basaltic and volcanic rocks. A lot of magnetite is brought on the surface by volcanic eruptions in the middle of the deep oceanic rifts. These rocks show important traces of magnetite. It constitutes a great evidence helping geologists in the study of paleomagnetism, i.e. to understand how the magnetic field has changed during millennia.

Salts dissolved in the water

The magnetic basin is able to produce an initial, permanent magnetic flux. Then the waters in the middle of the Earth, due to the dynamo effect, increase the force of the field. This effect is made possible thanks to the salts dissolved in the water. Only distilled water is not conductive, but salty water is. Since the waters move in the basin, eddy currents arise and generate an induced magnetic force.

Petroleum deposits

However, these are only fringes. There is still a great deal to understand and search for. Especially in order to find how the motion of the water within the basin is set off. All the billions of bioluminescent beings, the stars, that are in the heavenly superior waters, continually keep on releasing their waste which deposits in the underground. The upper waters are in communication with the oceans and consequently with the waters inside the Earth’s deepness.  The petroleum deep strata deposited under the oceans are nothing else than those putrefying dead bodies. Stars are lights released by living beings. They undergo all the many processes connected with the cycles of life and death. They cast out waste products which, during the geological times, have accumulated under the Earth’s surface.

A movement of waters

In the middle oceanic rifts, there are huge water sources, cold or warm. I wonder how this movement from the above to the deepness can develop. It is likely linked to the motion set off at the origin of the magnetic field. I think this is more than a possibility. It is probably a consequence of the tidal movement. I think a further consideration of how the tides work will be soon necessary. It is something I never considered before.

The moon gravitational influence

The simplified model science gives is rather interesting. They maintain the moon gravitational influence is on the basis of the tides. The sun has a role, too. But they claim its gravitational influence is much less important, due to the big distance. Moreover, they add that the centrifugal force of the double system earth-moon adds to the action of the moon. This system rotates around its center of mass and produces a tide opposite to that the moon gravitation engenders.

Refusing the centrifugal explanation

I  would like to add a lot of secondary details to the above-simplified model. Many details should be added like the variety of the atmospheric conditions of pressure or the geographic conformation of the coast. Obviously, there are many objections to the presented model. The Newtonian gravitational attraction between bodies does not exist. The moon keeps on along its trajectory, trapped by the magnetic belts over the Earth. It is pushed by the ether vortex spinning over the Earth. It is the same vortex which is causing the vertical force that we call gravity. Consequently, I cannot absolutely accept the centrifugal explanation.  This is a force mainstream science claims to be acting inside this system, the earth-moon system.   I refuse it, positively, since the Earth is motionless while the moon rotates over it.

Major tides near the coast

As visible in the image of above, all the areas near the coasts can experiment with higher tides.  Closed seas, like the Mediterranean sea, do not experiment tides in their major way.  Also in the center of the ocean tides are usually lower than those nearer to the coasts. The tides are big waves not visible in areas far from the coast. They rise up when getting nearer to the land. There are points where tides are almost absent. This is pretty evident in the map below.

Amphidromic points

This zero tide points are a sort of nodes over the waters and are called amphidromic points. If you compare the two images you can see that the nodes correspond with the violet point of the first image. In these points, tides have no amplitude. You can easily see that there is a big number of these nodes all over the Earth. There should be more important nodes and less important ones, like those in the Mediterranean sea.

When looking at an animation you will see that the higher or the lower tides rotate around these nodes. These considerations make the simplified model offered by the science appear as something weird. According to their simplified model, there should be two greater tides in two opposite places in the world. We understand that there are high and low tides everywhere. All around the world, there are amphidromic points and around them, a higher and a lower tide rotates. So I wonder if the moon will have such an influence on the tides.

The relation moon-sun-tides

In many places on the earth, tides appear twice a day with a cycle of 12hours 25 minutes. The moon takes 24h 50 minutes to make a single turn over the Earth. Moreover, tides have a maximum when the moon and the sun are aligned and the moon is full or new. There is instead a minimum when the moon is at 90 degrees with the sun.

Since tides are influenced by the moon phases, you should remember there is a cycle of 29,5 days that is the synodic cycle of the moon. Upon this cycle, we have the diurnal cycle of 12,5 hours. It gets thus clear that a relation moon-sun-tides does exist. The system sun-moon is probably able to act magnetically over the salted waters. Salty water is conductive, as we know, and it is interacting powerfully within any magnetic field. The motion of tides is rather evident.

A statement by French CNRS scientists

A similar movement is affecting the waters contained in the core of the Earth. They have a much greater mass than that of the oceans. Quite interestingly, a recent inquiry made by a team of French scientists reaches the following conclusions: “In particular, the cyclic deformation of the mantle of the earth, as a consequence of the gravitational effects of the sun and moon, engenders powerful currents within the external nucleus. They are sufficient to engender the earthly magnetic field. Essentially, the moon exerts its influence not just on tides we can see, but even on liquid iron tides inside the mantle of the earth”

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) /Université Blaise Pascal de Clermont-Ferrand.           The article about the scientific work was edited on the 30/3/2016 on Earth and Planetary Science Letters.  ( http://www.flyorbitnews.com/2016/04/04/la-luna-influisce-anche-sulle-maree-di-ferro-fuso-che-generano-il-campo-magnetico-terrestre/)

It is clear, thus, the role of the moon in creating the movement of the inner waters necessary to activate the dynamo effect of the geomagnetic field. I will try to explain even better in my next article.


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