Waters at the origin of the magnetic field

Writing my last article – the one about the Earth’s deepness – I have just started a rather difficult mission. I’ll have to describe something I cannot see. Anyway, that’s true, seismography can partially help. This is a science describing the Earth as made up of many layers. Accordingly, there is a solid mantle, then the liquid external nucleus and a solid internal nucleus.  What about the magnetic earthly field? A dynamo effect due to the movement of the fluid of the external nucleus is supposed to be the cause of it.

Convective movements

However, doubts could arise and I want to expose them in this article. Convection is a consequence of the movement inside the fluid element that is getting warmer due to an external source of energy. While it is getting warmer its density diminishes. Consequently, the fluid moves upward living room for the cooler fluid that is heavier.

It would be possible to observe convective movements in a pot full of boiling water. In a pot, however, the pressure doesn’t change from the top to the bottom or it changes very little. You certainly know the formula. In water pressure increases of one atmosphere in a linear way every ten meters. So, how can the pressure undergo any variation in ten centimeters of water boiling in a pot?

Speaking of a nucleus as an improper term

But, when we consider the Earth, things are different. There are many kilometers of a fluid material moving due to convection. Pressure arises to such a degree that instantly the nucleus gets to be solid. Incidentally, I’m just using the word “nucleus” in the same way the term is generally applied to the globe. Anyway, the language should change, but it is only a tentative to make me understand for now. Is it possible, in this case, with such pressures that are getting greater and greater with depth, that a convectional movement could happen? The cooler fluid, being heavier,  could really go downward encountering these way greater pressures in its movement?

Postulating a liquid layer

Another hypothesis mainstream science tries to introduce to justify the movement of the inner fluid is the rotation of the Earth. About this, as I believe, there is nothing left to say. The Earth is not spinning.

As you probably agree, the Earth is not a globe, it doesn’t move and up to now, we don’t know how the magnetic field originates. We postulate there are many layers and one of this is liquid. The last layer, the lowest one, solid, is the solid iron basin that contains the flat Earth deepness.

Communication among the waters

There’s a dome over the Earth, made up of a stator and a superior rotor. In the rotor, one layer is made of water in which bioluminescent beings swarm everywhere.  These beings emit lights that can pass through the amber covered holes and can be seen from the earth’s surface. Such are the stars, that rotate because they are set in the rotor.

We can just speculate that this layer of water communicates with the water contained in the depth of the Earth. Here the dead bioluminescent beings are deposited and slowly decomposing to form the petroleum stocks contained in the Earth deepness. We affirm thus that the liquid contained in the mantle but also in the layer called “external nucleus” is, in reality, salted sea water.

A recent scientific discovery

We wander hence about which part the water could play in the formation of the magnetic field of the Earth. Interesting is a recent scientific discovery made by ESA, the European space agency. They intend to prove how the water of the oceans contributes, even just for a very small part, to the magnetic field of the Earth. It seems, according to ESA, that the ions of the salted water of the seas can produce a weak secondary magnetic field. Water streams set the salty ions in movement and this way a dynamo effect arises in the waters. Consequently, the eddy currents form a magnetic field. The project SWARM has been studying this field since 2013. They say that magnetometers have been installed on “three satellites”. They have seen that the moon moves the water with big tidal waves influencing this way the magnetic field produced in the water.

A dome made up of conductive/semiconductive material

Can we better explain this phenomenon? Actually, it is something we have already encountered. When? It was when describing the eddy currents. They arise in the dome due to the presence of the magnetic field of the Earth. The dome is in fact composed of conductive or semiconductive material. Since it moves submerged in the magnetic field of the earth, parasites or eddy currents arise in the dome with a circular path. This circuits moving in a magnetic field generate a secondary induced magnetic field responsible for the rotation of the ether and subsequently of the sun, moon, and planets.

Salt mixed in water

The same thing happens with the salted water. In itself, water is not conductive. The distilled water is an insulator. Things change when salt is mixed in the water. Salt divides in ions and this way water becomes conductive. This is because electricity is transported by ions. We have thus a good conductor submerged in a preexistent magnetic field: the one created by the magnetite basin. Basin is iron made and in particular Fe3O4,  i.e. magnetite. Gauss, in the past, made the hypothesis of the presence of a permanent magnet in the Earth. This hypothesis had to be discarded because of the Curie temperature. Over a temperature of 500-600°C a magnet loses its magnetic properties.

A magnetite basin

But… think a moment. The magnetite basin is surrounded by water. There are waters on the surface of the earth and waters up and down. So, there is the great mass of the interior water in the earth deepness which is in communication with the upper star water and also with the oceans. And that enhances the magnetic field of the basin of the earth. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget the external waters passing under the basin. They just go up through the exterior walls of the Earth to move the dome. Temperatures rise not so high, even though temperatures and pressures get higher with depth inside the crust and in the mantle. Things are however different for the lower layers.  Anyway, it is clear that the magnetite can be active and it is not nullified by the temperature.

Waters moving over the basin

But to produce this enhancement of the magnetic field in the water, a motion is needed. It is, in fact, necessary that waters move over the basin to create the eddy currents. How is this motion realized? We will consider this in the following article.

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